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"I believe R-U-Ved Livtone helped support my liver's natural detoxification processes and helped rid my body of the toxins that were wreaking havoc on my body. It is a product I can't live without."

EricaSeattle, WA |  View Testimonial >

“I really love this salt. I’ve been mostly using it as a finishing salt … it does have a slightly different flavor than regular salt, but I like it and just like regular salt, it enhances the taste of my food. I was pleased with my order from delivery to use. If you are looking for a different – possibly healthier – version of salt, give it a try.”

Jenny |  View Testimonial >

"Amla Plus is great for keeping my energy up and my digestion strong. My whole family uses it! After using many other Vitamin C supplements over the years, I've found Amla Plus to be the most helpful. I can really feel the difference."

DanOlympia, WA |  View Testimonial >

“This is Dr. Wright's formula who is a well-known integrative physician. It provides minerals in the correct proportions. So when I salt my food, I know I am doing something positive for my health.”

Shirley |  View Testimonial >

"I have had the results I wanted from this product. I have been taking it for a couple of years and I am pretty much pain free!"

Super Supplements Customer |  View Testimonial >

Lucille |  View Testimonial >

"Amazing and most phenomenal curcumin on this planet ... I thank God for it and I have to have it twice a day … I will take this for the rest of my life ... amen."

Belle |  View Testimonial >

"I make a tea with a heaping teaspoon of CoCurQ, hot water, and maple syrup. A yoga friend had a dramatic improvement in her knees using CoCurQ, and she can move comfortably into Child's Pose for the first time in five years."

Kit |  View Testimonial >

"I like adding this natural supplement to my natural arsenal of overall health boosters; I feel better when taking it and notice the difference in my overall energy and wellness without it."

Paula |  View Testimonial >

"Flucomune gives your immune system an added boost without worry of unnecessary ingredients."

SM |  View Testimonial >

"After experiencing some heart health issues I added R-U-Ved Arjuna formula into my supplement regimen and have found improvement in symptoms and energy. Some of the key ingredients are CO-Q10, Coral Powder, Arjuna, and Magnesium. I have found that this balanced formula has been one of the best and as a added bonus it does not contain a bunch of fillers that I do not need. The wisdom of the ancients proves true once again."

Rawboy |  View Testimonial >

"These supplements are amazing! My whole body is recalibrating because bodily discomfort is getting handled and I have lost inches! I am also healing so much quicker since my body is being supported by the herbs. I am telling everyone to check out these supplements and to go see Dr. Sodhi."

Karoline M. |  View Testimonial >

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