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Ayurvedic Stress & Cognitive Support

Product Number RU-001


ASHWAGANDHA is the most widely used and highly regarded Ayurvedic herb for mind/body connection. Its adaptogenic properties support the body’s ability to adapt to stress*.

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng, one of Ayurveda’s most prized anti-aging nutrients. Its primary benefit is as an adaptogen, fortifying the body’s resilience, energy, and overall health when used regularly over time. In Sanskrit, ashwagandha literally means “to impart the strength of a horse.” This versatile herb’s nourishing properties also support a healthy stress response, sexual function, and immune, brain, and thyroid health.

R∙U∙VED Ashwagandha is carefully extracted to preserve the full spectrum of alkaloids and ensure maximum potency. It can be used on a daily, long-term basis and is considered beneficial for all constitutional types.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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  • Adaptogen
  • Supports fortification of the body's resilience, energy, and overall health
  • Promotes a healthy stress response

1 capsule daily or as directed by your physician.

Guna (Properties): Light, oily
Rasa (Taste): Bitter, sweet, pungent
Vipak (Post-Digestive Taste): Sweet
Virya (Energies): Hot
Prabhav (Effects): Rasayan (adaptogen); bajikaran (strengthening)

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