Stress & Mood Support

Rasayana Herbs Help with Stress

Ayurvedic medicine has many rejuvenating herbs, traditionally known as rasayana, which improve health, immunity, vigor, vitality, and longevity, as well as protect against stress.

Rasayana herbs are specific adaptogens. These adaptogens can be general, organ specific, season specific, or age and sex specific. The beneficial actions of rasayana herbs have been scientifically proven through experimental as well as clinical studies. Rasayana herbs keep enzymes in the cells in their normal state of function. These cells are revitalized and their composition is changed. Tranquility of the mind is also promoted, which helps combat the process of aging.

A special branch of rasayana that deals with rejuvenation of the nervous system and the brain is called medhya rasayana. Medhya literally means “intelligence enhancement,” or in other words, “brain tonics.” Withania somnifera (ashwagandha), Centella asiatica (gotu kola), Bacopa monnieri (bacopa) and Mucuna pruriens (macuna) are considered nerve and brain tonics.

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