Leaky Nose This Spring?

Turn off the faucet!

It's Spring And There's Plenty Of Nose-Tickling Particles To Go Around. How Are You Going To Handle Them?

Can’t seem to get over your seasonal challenges or the complications that spring brings? Give your immune system a boost with AmlaPlus™ and Flucomune™, the one-two punch to get your immune system back on track!

Flucomune™ is a proprietary herbal blend formulated to support immunity and detoxification. The herbs in this formula are both cleansing and nourishing to the immune system, offering antioxidant protection.

Amla Plus™ is a nutrient-rich tonic for the immune system based on an ancient Ayurvedic formula known as chavanprash. Chavanprash is a blend of 38 herbs and spices, including the antioxidant-rich amla fruit, used widely for immune support.

Enjoy 15% savings on either Flucomune™ or AmlaPlus™ or both through the end of May. 

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