Immune Support

Your body works in harmony like elements in nature your body works in harmony like elements in nature

There is a theory of immunology in Ayurvedic tradition called “beejbhumi,” which translated from Sanskrit means “seed and land.” According to these teachings, the body is the land. Infection or “bugs” are the seeds. When your nutrition and lifestyle are not in harmony with your body type, the body fills up with Ama: metabolic toxic buildup. At the same time, your Ojas (the immune supporting sap) is lowered. When these conditions are present infections will find the body to be fertile ground to grow and spread.

Everyone is more susceptible to illness when the seasons are changing, such as in the fall and early spring. This is because the body functions differently in each season. In the transition between the hot and cold seasons the Agni, or digestive fire, can start to fluctuate dramatically. If you do not adjust your nutrition and routine accordingly and follow the Ayurvedic guidelines for seasonal transition you can build up Ama, which is a fertile ground for disease. Then it is easy for a cold or flu to sprout.

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