Cardiovascular & Metabolic Support

A healthy heart requires physical and emotional nourishment

According to Ayurveda, the heart takes a position of high importance among the organs; not only due to its anatomical and physiological importance, but also due to its mental and spiritual value. A traditional, holistic approach to heart health requires you to nourish the emotional heart as well as the physical heart. Remember that this two-fold center is the fountain head of all emotions, whether joy and exhilaration or sadness and frustration. Increasing Ojas (the finest byproduct of digestion and the master coordinator of all activities of mind and body) helps support heart health. Ojas leads to bliss, contentment, vitality and longevity.

The liver is constantly under attack from pollutants. Since the liver plays a significant role in maintaining health, it is important to do all we can to keep it functioning properly. Dosha imbalance, such as a predominance of Kapha, can lead to abnormal levels of blood sugar and cholesterol in the body. Ayurvedic practitioners help their patients maintain normal cholesterol and blood-sugar levels by using a multipronged approach:

  • Nutritional modification focused on eliminating sugar and simple carbohydrates and emphasizing complex carbohydrates with a balance of proteins, since excessive protein intake can damage the kidneys.

  • Fat is also limited because there is often a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, making fat digestion difficult.

  • A cleansing program (Panchakarma), to help eliminate toxins and maintain balance. 
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