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A healthy heart requires physical and emotional nourishment

According to Ayurveda, the heart takes a position of high importance among the organs; not only due to its anatomical and physiological importance, but also due to its mental and spiritual value. A traditional, holistic approach to heart health requires you to nourish the emotional heart as well as the physical heart. Remember that this two-fold center is the fountainhead of all emotions: whether joy and exhilaration or sadness and frustration. Increasing Ojas (the finest by-product of digestion and the master coordinator of all activities of mind and body) helps support heart health. Ojas leads to bliss, contentment, vitality and longevity. Cultivating inner strength and poise and the encouragement of positive attitudes and emotions increase Ojas.

Other Ways to Support Cardiac Health:

  • Follow the Ayurvedic principle of balaardh (exercising to half your capacity), so that you can exercise every single day without straining your muscles. Walking is excellent exercise for almost everyone.
  • Practice good bedtime habits. Ayurveda considers sleep just as important as diet in maintaining health.
  • Laughter and meditation help increase Ojas and support heart health.
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