Dear Customer,

We've had to make some changes to our capsules due to new FDA regulations resulting in the discontinuation of our chlorophyll green capsules. Currently, we are in a transition phase and we will be using clear capsules in a few products like Neem™, Vegenzyme™ and Ashwagandha until we receive the allotted color capsules for each product. We spent months exhaustively searching for capsules and colors that would uphold our strict quality and purity standards. We are happy to announce that we are able to continue using all natural, plant, or vitamin-based colors in our capsules. Some of you may have already noticed some changes and there will be more over the next months. Rather than using a single color as we have done in the past we will utilize multiple colors to help discern the products from one another. You will continue to see “Ayush Herbs” written on the capsules and the names of the formulas on our more popular products such as Ashwagandha, Neem™, and Triphala™. Below is a list of products for which we have currently determined the capsule color. Our focus continues to be on providing the best possible herbal products to you and your patients. Thank you for your support.

Brown Yellow Clear White
Neem™* Triphala™ * Curcumin 97%™ Flucommune™
Memoren™ Ayu-Phos™* Ayush Multi

* Product Name will be on the capsule



Dr. Shailinder Sodhi, BAMS (Ayurveda), ND
President of RuVed®, Inc.